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Inside the Industry: Choice and Control

In February of this year, we were approached by Media 19 working on behalf of the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) to feature in four films about Dignity in Care. After months of keeping it a secret, the films have finally been made public this week on SCIE’s website and we are very excited to share them!

Catherine worked very hard to coordinate our care workers and service users to feature in the films. It was no mean feat!

We’re going to do a blog series over the next four weeks focusing on each of the films individually. The first one is about Choice and Control:

When someone is receiving care, it is important to understand their capabilities and limitations. What are they able to do on their own? What do they need support with? Finding this balance allows the service user to make independent choices and feel in control of their lives.

As Emma says in the video, “You need to get to know the person quite well to understand their needs. Listen to what they want and their needs. Follow their lead.”

Gaenor describes how she retains choice and control, “One can still decide what you want to do such as when you want new clothes or new shoes. It just ensures that you don’t lose all control of your life.”

Catherine explains how we “enable them [our service users] to do things for themselves.”

What do Choice and Control mean to you? How do you ensure that people you care for have choice and control in their lives?

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  1. Nick says:

    All very true. Care Concern (Homecare) very supportive in helping us film, we can’t do it without getting access to people and this was invaluable.
    Gaenor was great to be with, we felt she had full control over her daily life but recognises where she needs support to help maintain her independence – and Emma was a good listener and supported her to do this. We hope the film reflects the importance of the interaction between care staff and the person being supported whilst also showing the personalities and the relationships that are so important in this area of work. Always very understated.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comment Nick. It was a pleasure taking part in these films. We are so pleased that videos such as these are being made and promoted by SCIE to demonstrate examples of good practice.

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