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Inside the Industry: Privacy

Here is the second film in the Dignity in Care series focusing on privacy. Our clip starts at …

This film discusses what should be private: our personal information, our rooms, using the bathroom, our post, our phone calls, our relationships. The film describes how privacy is a fundamental aspect of maintaining dignity.

It is the small things that contribute greatly to someone maintaining their dignity whilst receiving care. Catherine explains how “if it’s safe to do so, I always think it’s nice to let people be in the bathroom for a little while on their own. If you’re a little bit worried you could maybe stand on the other side of the door but I think letting people be alone in the bathroom for a little while is nice.”

Our desire for privacy in our lives doesn’t diminish as we get older and it is the actions shown in this film that allow our clients to maintain dignity and have independence within the constraints of the care that they require.

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  1. Chris says:

    That is something that needs to be considered, that your facilities provide that independence and dignity.

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