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Inside the Industry: Social Inclusion

The final film in the Dignity in Care series focuses on Social Inclusion. Our clip beings at 5 minutes and 33 seconds.

As we get older, we can be at risk of becoming isolated. This can be for a number of reasons including mobility issues, health or circumstances. At Care Concern Homecare we recognise how important it is for our clients to continue their existing contact with the outside world and we do all we can to maintain and strengthen this.

As Catherine explains, “From the very first visit that we do, when we do the assessment, we try to find out if there is somewhere they go regularly. So we make sure then that the carers’ visits don’t clash with that. We realise how important it is for people to get out.”

Emma describes in the video how best to maintain and enhance social inclusion, “Get to know the person, get to know things they like, just have a little chat when you’re going down the road or to the post office. Just to see people, it’s nice. Thinking outside the box of what would include them, what they like, maybe activities, hobbies, just things to get them out the house. Even if it is just for half an hour or an hour.”

The impact of social inclusion on someone’s wellbeing should not be underestimated. We actively seek ways to support our clients in staying in touch with the outside world.

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