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Inside the Industry: The Social Care Commitment

Registered Manager Catherine Gunnewicht signed up to the Social Care Commitment in September 2013 and is due to renew her commitment next month.

Led by the Department of Health, the Social Care Commitment is a voluntary agreement about workforce quality. The primary purpose is to give the public confidence that service users will be treated with dignity and respect and supported by skilled care workers.

Employers promise to give their workers the development they need and staff promise to put social care values into practice in their daily work.

There are seven commitments:

1 – Working Responsibly

2 – Upholding Dignity

3 – Working Co-operatively

4 – Communicating Effectively

5 – Protecting Privacy

6 – Continuing to Learn

7 – Treating People Fairly

By signing up, employers and employees are pledging to continually deliver high quality care and commit to best practice regarding their workforce. The Social Care Commitment gives existing and prospective clients confidence in the service they receive.

Q&A with Catherine Gunnewicht about the Social Care Commitment

How did you sign up?

I took a series of pledges and had a certain timescale within which to deliver them. As each employee and manager has to sign up individually, we have organized for a Skills for Care representative to run an information session for all of our staff in October to encourage more of our employees to sign up to the scheme.

It is straightforward?

It does require some time and dedication. However, throughout the process you are able to reflect on your own practice, which is always good.

What are your thoughts about it?

It is a very good scheme as it will get more people in the care industry examining their own practice against these seven commitments and they will be able to see what they are doing well and where they can improve. The fact that the commitment has to be refreshed annually means that it remains relevant and encourages reflective practice more frequently. The more people who sign up the better.

Would you recommend it and why?

Yes. It is good for our service users to know that our staff adhere to these principles and it is good for the industry that there are providers who are committed to achieving excellence.

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